Announcements of interest and importance to students and faculty will be given to each teacher and read at the beginning of third period and posted on website.  Information concerning outside activities unrelated to the school will not be permitted without approval of the administration.  Announcements for any group or organization must be written and turned in to the office.  If possible, announcements should be turned in the day before the announcement is to be read.  The announcements will be posted on the high school webpage everyday.


                    If a student moves or receives a new phone number, it is his/her responsibility to report this information to the counselor's office, so that records can be kept updated.


                    Dues are assessed each class member in the amount determined by necessity of financing class activities, parties, prom, etc.  Students not paying dues will be denied participation in class activities.


                    Any field trip scheduled at Carlyle High School will be approved by the principal (and transportation office if necessary).   Students must be eligible to attend a field trip of any type based upon the student’s attendance record (whether it is a class-oriented activity or a field trip scheduled by a club or organization). 

                    A student will be denied attendance on a field trip if they have been absent more than nine (9) days per semester or, during the second semester, 10% of the student attendance year to date.  These students are required to have a doctor’s excuse in order to be excused from an absence.  A list of such students is periodically generated by the office.  Teachers and/or sponsors of clubs or organizations may also deny a student’s attendance on a field trip if the student has been unexcused from their class for three or more days during the semester in which a field trip occurs.


                    A hall locker is assigned to each student as he/she enrolls at Carlyle High School.

    1. The lockers are the property of Carlyle High School and are subject to inspection by authorized school personnel at any time without your permission or presence.

    2. The lockers are for the sole purpose of keeping books, coats, and school necessities.

    3. Lockers should be kept neat and clean.  No food or drink is allowed in the lockers.

    4. Valuables - the school authorities recommend that you leave large sums of money and other valuables at home.  Should it become necessary for you to bring money or other valuables to school, it is suggested that you turn them in to the office when they are not needed.  The school is NOT responsible for items taken from your locker.

    5. Lockers may be decorated (with reasonable items) only on the inside.

    6. Students are not to share locker space with any other student for any reason.

    7. We recommend that all students place a lock on their locker to prevent theft.